Karuna Basic Training – Dates, Costs, and Procedures


2018: 14-17 June, 28-30 September, 16-18 November.
We are about to finish the dates for 2019. Please check again.
The dates for 2020 are not finally determined yet.

The Basic Training consists of 11 seminars: 6 weekends,
2 long weekends, and 3 deepening weeks.


The Karuna Basic Training cycle 2018 in Stockholm costs 4.350€* if paid in advance, 4.550€ if paid in instalments
(application fee 550€ and 8 quarterly payments of 500€ each over two years – modification possible).
* Accommodation and food are not included in the price. Reductions possible, please contact us well in advance.

Application Process

  1. We recommend attending an Introduction to Contemplative Psychology programme to make certain you understand the experiential nature of the work. It is not a prerequisite though.
  2. Please write to info@karunatraining.org. We will send you the application form and further information.
  3. We will review your application and contact you to schedule a personal interview. If we can do so locally all the better, some interviews may need to occur over Skype or telephone.
  4. During the interview, we will discuss your questions, the programme and financial commitments.
  5. Since Karuna Training is neither a therapy nor spiritual path, during the interview we will ask you to sign an agreement stating that if in the course of the programme you become psychologically challenged, you will seek outside professional council.
  6. You will be notified if you are accepted to the programme.
  7. You will complete the registration form, sign the contract, make a deposit, and confirm the payment plan.