Introduction to Contemplative Psychology Dates 2017 | Nordic countries

December 8-9 with Elisabeth Fey
Location: Smedjegatan 28, 131 54  Nacka
“Mindful Communication – Learning to Listen and Speak from the Heart”

February 23-24 with Beate Kirchhof-Schlage
Location: Smedjegatan 28, 131 54  Nacka
“Working with Emotions”


Next Karuna Training cycle starts in June 2018 in Stockholm


Karuna Training at a Glance

  • Two year comprehensive training in Contemplative Psychology
  • Three Cycles composed of weekends, extended retreats, and ongoing small groups.
  • Certificate in Contemplative Psychology
  • Introductions to Contemplative Psychology happening year-round in multiple locations


Karuna Training International

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“The core of contemplative psychology is the certainty that within each one of us resides an indestructible and brilliant force.  This force, that transcends sickness and health, is called brilliant sanity in the tradition of contemplative psychology.”

—Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche