How to be of Help instead of a Nuisance

To be human is to interact with other people. Many times as we relate to others – both those we know well and count as friends and those we may have never seen before – the desire to be helpful arises in our hearts. In a way nothing is more simple or basic, yet many times we don`t know how to go about it. We may want to help, to extend comfort, support, intelligent help, but we don`t know what to do.

Our hearts ache when we see others troubled or in pain, but we don`t know what to say or where to begin. We don`t want to interfere, make it worse or be a burden.

What is really helpful? How can we offer ourselves and be really beneficial when someone else is in pain?

A contemplative approach to helping teaches that the most valuable help we can give to another begins with developing our ability to simply be with another and with ourselves to be able to do that we need to deal with our own confusion, our lack of confidence , our lack of clarity and our fear of pain.