The Healing Power of Mindfulness

The healing power of mindfulness: Compassion and self-care in working with others

We are all born with the gift to be touched by the world. This connects us with others and our environment and makes our life worthwhile and rich. But it also means we experience pain and suffering on a daily basis and our attempts to deal with this suffering in its many forms, can be very confusing and burdensome. As a result we often loose joy, confidence and the inspiration to live our life and connect with others. Instead of opening up and allowing our human inter- connectedness we get afraid , set boundaries and shield us against the flow of life . This is very exhausting.

A caring, clear and non-judgemental attitude

In contemplative psychology the answer to those difficulties are found in mindfulness, self-care and compassion. Methods that wake up these qualities support and strengthen us. They enable us to stay open and friendly. We discover the potential for an open, caring, clear and non-judgemental attitude towards our experience; a good ground when dealing with our own problems or that of others.