Karuna Basic Training

Mindfulness and Compassionate Presence in Working with Others

Karuna Basic Training – Mindfulness, Meditation and Compassion in the Context of Therapeutic Work

In contemplative psychology we become familiar with our own mind, and discover that mindfulness and compassion are natural and healthy components of the human mind and heart. Through meditation and contemplation, we learn to recognize and nurture these innate qualities. This is the basis for working with others in a wakeful and compassionate manner, and also the basis for the healing and transformative processes that are part of the contemplative psychology journey.

  • Two year comprehensive training in Contemplative Psychology
  • Composed of 6 weekends, 2 long weekends, 3 deepening weeks, and ongoing small groups
  • Located in various locations throughout Europe and the United States
  • Certificate in Contemplative Psychology
  • Introductions to Contemplative Psychology happening year-round in multiple locations
  • Experienced trainer team


The next Karuna Basic Training – Two Year Professional Training – will start in London,
28 September 2018.

For more information please visit the British Karuna Training website

Curriculum Overview

In this training we set the basics of contemplative psychology—with a focus on the personal transformation of the participant. We also will gain stability and safety in working with the practical methods. The following methods and tools will be taught:

  1. Mindfulness—Trains us to abide in the present moment.
  2. Meditation—Basic practice for training mindfulness, investigating the mind, and cultivating confidence.
  3. Body-Speech-Mind Groups—Mindfulness based group practice which helps us to go deeper in our understanding of relationships.
  4. Process Groups—Ongoing groups based in mindful speech and listening.
  5. Four-Step Practice—Process for investigating and transforming emotions.
  6. Maitri Space AwarenessEnables us to uncover and trust the intrinsic wisdom of emotions. Maitri is a term from Sanskrit meaning unconditional, loving kindness.
  7. Tonglen—A contemplative practice that develops compassion. Tonglen, also called sending and taking, helps to open our hearts.
  8. Compassionate Exchange—A mindful and compassionate encounter that allows mutual healing.

For a detailled curriculum please write to info@karunatraining.org.